About JH Farms

JohnDiezelAelinRoxanneLocated in beautiful Eagleville, TN JH Farms offers full care stall and pasture board for retired horses. Our farm sits on 80 acres of rich pastureland that is divided into paddocks ranging from three acres to forty acres. Our farm is the home for various breeds such as Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, Tennessee Walking Horses, Spotted Saddle Horses, Morgans, and many pony breeds. With over 20 years of experience with all breeds of different ages and abilities you can be sure that your horse is in the best of care. We pride ourselves in our care for our equine friends. We work hard to develop the right nutritional plan for each individual horse focusing more on forage and using grain as more of a supplement for those that need it.  We have extensive experience and have been very successful  in caring for horses that have been diagnosed with metabolic disorders and various lameness disorders to help our horses live a comfortable retirement.

Review our services page for  a complete list of services and our contact page for contact information.