Dr. John Bennett, DVM with Equine Services in Shelbyville, TN
   I have known John Herrington and  Aelin Johnson at JH Farms for many years now and have worked with them both on a variety of equine cases. Over the years JH Farms has rehabilitated several horses with lameness issues, horses that had been malnourished, horses with various injuries, and more. JH Farms works closely with Equine Services to keep their horses healthy with regular fecal exams, vaccinations, farrier work, and all medical needs. John Herrington and Aelin Johnson’s knowledge in care and handling of various breeds of horses makes JH Farms a safe, clean, quiet place for all equines. As an equine veterinarian I recommend JH Farms and it’s staff to be a great place for all equines used for pleasure riding, show, rehabilitation, or as a quiet place for horses to heal from injuries.

Dr. Diana Renee Dupree, DVM
As both a horse owner and a veterinarian, I have a different outlook on boarding facilities and horse trainers than some.   I don’t look at how many ribbons hang in the tack room or how many stalls are full or the pedigrees of the horses.  I look at the cleanliness, the plan, and the heart of the caretakers.
JH farms rates A’s in all the categories I look at.    John and Aelin are very knowledgeable about equine health, behavior and disease recognition and prevention.   They have instituted a very well thought out vaccination/deworming  protocol .  Because they  get to know each horse in their care as an individual and understand equine behavior, they are alert to any change in health or any problem very early.
On the occasions when I have needed somewhere to board my horses, I have been very pleased to have them at JH Farms.  I have felt assured that they would be well cared for and that any issues would be addressed immediately.
Also, John and Aelin are some the sweetest, most honest people I know.   They are easy to work with, accommodating in difficult situations and always willing to help when needed.  I will never hesitate to give them a call if I have any boarding or training needs.

Dave Gerber: Client of 4 years
A few years ago we got lucky enough to be introduced to Aelin’s Equine Training and Teaching and her partner in all things equine, John Herrington.We and our horse friends have been very impressed with their knowledge and dedication. Aelin knows more about horses and their riders that one could reasonably expect. She teaches discipline for both, but also fun for both. Not too long after we met, I had a bit of a horse accident. After recovering from nine broken ribs, a couple of broken shoulder bones, and a very bruised ego, Aelin and John got me back in the saddle. We found a horse for me – a Spotted Saddle Horse named Trooper. Only problem was that Trooper has a thyroid problem which at the time required a number of meds and his lack of exercise left him very overweight (below is the picture when we first saw him). With Aelin’s guidance and John’s knowledge, Trooper is off all meds and we are able to enjoy long rides together. This is just one example of the service that Aelin’s Equine Training and Teaching provides. She is an award winning instructor. John provides a fully functional, clean, and spacious ranch for riding and caring for the horses left in his care. What else could you ask for? Try them out.

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