About the Owners

John Herrington

JohnHerringtonRaised on a small farm in Fayetteville, John grew up around horses and has always loved animals.  While studying Animal Science with a concentration in Equine Science at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), he had the opportunity to work at Tennessee Miller Coliseum, gaining experience in horse show management.  John has been managing JH Farms since 2011 and has a broad knowledge of forages and pasture management/rotation.  John enjoys caring for horses and rehabilitating malnourished or injured horses.  Because of his quiet and relaxed nature, skittish horses tend to bond with him.  In his spare time, John enjoys raising Australian Cattle Dogs.

Aelin Johnson


CHA Certified Instructor in both English and Western disciplines. From the age of five Aelin has been training in multiple disciplines under high level trainers. She began her career in horses by learning English to then move onto Western Pleasure three years later. After, a year of schooling Western Pleasure under Laura and Jennifer Chesney, Aelin began training under Olympic rider Frances O’Riely for Eventing. For the next five years Aelin traveled throughout New England showing in the 4-H circuit, Eventing, and Dressage. While showing she frequently won Champion and Reserve Champion in 4-H, she placed in the top six in Eventing, and in the top three in Dressage at every show.

With her success in the show ring Aelin began teaching lessons and became the head trainer and instructor at Glory View Ranch, a quarter horse farm in Northern Vermont. In the four years that Aelin spent at Glory View Ranch she broke colts and trained horses for Western Pleasure, Hunter Jumper, and Trail. She also, instructed riders of various riding abilities to become successful in the show ring and to be successful trainers in Western Horsemanship, Western Pleasure, Reining, and Trail.

In 2008 Aelin moved to Murfreesboro, Tennessee to complete her Bachelors degree in Animal Science with a concentration in horses and to further develop Aelindalen Equine Training and Teaching. While she has lived in Murfreesboro she has trained under Hunter Jumper and Grand Prix Jumper trainers David Wright, Raffi Kechejian, and Matt Martin. She also competed on the Middle Tennessee State University Equestrian Team where she trained under Anne Brzezicki and Faye Lynn Coffey.

She now spends her time traveling to client’s homes to assist them in finding harmony with their equine friends, and she also offers training and lessons at JH Farms in Eagleville, Tennessee for nongaited breeds. She has recently started working with off the track Thoroughbreds to transition them into new careers after their racing careers are over.

Along with helping off the track Thoroughbreds, Aelin has developed a successful training program in helping to rehabilitate abused horses. “I have seen too many great horses be ruined by abusive hands and I have found a way to give them a new look on life. My program helps to show an abused horse the joy in bonding with a rider and having a job,” says Aelin. Through her work she has bonded horse and rider when all hope had been lost. Her methods involve patience and understanding for the horse’s individual experiences along with a soft welcoming touch. She accredits her ability to help horses through studying the works of Monty Roberts, a world renown trainer in communicating with horses through their own language. You can research Monty Roberts through his website www.montyroberts.com. She also follows the methods of Richard Winters who was a winner of the 2007 Monty Roberts Equitarian Award. You can research his methods through his website www.wintersranch.com.